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Translation Technology

Welcome to the World Language Communications page for Translation Technologies.

In our ever competitive and ever connected world, translation technology or "computer assisted translation" (CAT) platforms have become constantly evolving tools which make up the core of the growing and consistently robust translation industry. With countless translation memory softwares on the market such as Trados, Wordfast, Logoport, Dejavu, StarTransit, and numerous Hybrids now becoming more commonplace, the opportunities for multilingual communication and the high speed transfer of information are better than ever.

The standard of only using translation memories for emails, web pages, presentations and corporate documents has expanded exponentially into high tech and high volume translations throughout every facet of international business.

We will be providing the latest state-of-the-art translation technology information for both translators and clients, which will be posted throughout many categories of this blog including Global News, Conferences, and Translation News.