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Friday, February 28, 2014

Translate Your World Debuts New Revolutionary Speech Translation Software for Hospitality and Tourism Industries

Translate Your World, developers of language software and mobile applications, introduces its revolutionary "TYWI –Tourism,” a suite of software that enables staff and managers to speak up to 78 languages instantly, thereby eliminating the language barrier.
These unprecedented language tools are designed to help facilities attract and retain more international visitors while at the same time improving internal cross-language foreign employee communication.
“I have lived in 17 countries. Each time I went to a new country I found myself ordering mystery food at restaurants, taking unintelligible tours, and using lousy interpreters for important business meetings. With today’s technology there is no reason why people should not communicate,” says Sue Reager, president of Translate your World. “However, true communication is more than finger pointing, providing service is more than handing out a room key, and an information booth should be capable of sharing information. TYWI smashes the insurmountable language barrier and offers the ability to converse across languages, take your interpreter in your laptop, and type across-languages.”
Hospitality and Tourism businesses have struggled for decades to communicate with visitors from Asia, the Baltics, Middle East, and the Americas, and tourist attractions muddle through in the local language, never dreaming that it could be possible to offer their tours in dozens of languages at the same time. In the past, communication using only a smattering of words in another language has been the only option available, yet has never been sufficient to make international guests feel welcome, to answer their questions, and improve their experience.
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