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Friday, December 14, 2012

Why I Like Catalan and Don’t Speak it

[Note from Patrick Cox: Here's a blog post from our Barcelona-based Europe correspondent Gerry Hadden. It's a great companion piece to his report featured in the podcast above.]
When my partner Anne and I moved to Barcelona eight years ago, we decided we would send our (future) kids to local schools. Schools that teach almost exclusively in the Catalan language. I didn’t speak a word of Catalan and neither did Anne.
We could have opted for one of two French Lycees in town. We could have chosen one of several American or British schools. That way, their education would have been in one of two languages we both speak.
But we went local because we wanted to become a part of our community. We wanted our kids to belong here. At “foreign” language schools, you’re always an expat. You don’t know the kids in your neighborhood. And your friends at school inevitably move away after a few years, when their parents’ bosses transfer them elsewhere.
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