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Friday, December 14, 2012

Thousands Still Missing in Post-Revolution Libya

In the hallway of a Libyan government building, a grey-haired man flips through a neatly arranged binder holding 51 index cards — one for each phone call he’s received from people who volunteered information on his son’s whereabouts.
“I believe my son is still alive because of these 51 calls.”
The man’s name is Mohamed Elmahjoob Shaickh, as is his son. The 17-year-old disappeared in Tripoli on February 22, 2011. That day, he took to the street to support protesters in Benghazi who had just kick-started the Libyan uprising. Mohamed was with a group of high school friends when soldiers barged through the crowd, and everyone started running. His friends escaped, but Mohamed fell and was captured by security forces.

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