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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iTranslate Voice HD comes to the iPad with lots of features

by Mel Martin

I've looked at some translation apps before, and it seems each time I review a new one I see increased capabilities and better performance. iTranslate Voice has available on the iPhone for awhile, and now it has come to the iPad in an HD edition.
Like its smaller sibling, iTranslate Voice HD can translate 31 languages both directions. Some of the 31 are variations or dialects of one language, like Spanish, that appears in Mexican, Spanish and US versions.
Operation is simple. Speak into the iPad microphone in your language, and out comes the selected language in your choice of a male or female voice. Another nicety is that you can control the speed of the translation, which is really quite helpful when you are learning a language. You can also use the app like a dictionary, and look up words for definition. Translations can also be copied to the clipboard and mailed. For all its features, you need an internet connection because the heavy lifting of recognition and translation are done on remote servers.
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