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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spanish, English And Spanglish: Facebook Fans React

A sign spells out Se Habla Espanol (Spanish Spoken Here).
A sign spells out Se Habla Espanol (Spanish Spoken Here).
NPR's Morning Edition is exploring bilingual life in the U.S. as the population of Spanish speakers grows. How does the use of English and Spanish affect your life?
When we asked our Facebook fans how the use of Spanish and English was affecting them, we were surprised by the more than 1,000 comments the question received. Fans shared feelings of appreciation, claimed it had enhanced their love lives and expressed annoyance and anger at being turned down for jobs for not knowing Spanish. One mother in Texas even told us she made her husband sleep outside her son's school "in the cold and rain" to secure a spot in a dual language program. Here is a sampling of responses. ¡Que disfruten!(Enjoy!)
Razz Irasema Cortes-Maceda: "Spanish is voice of my soul and English is the voice of my expression. As a fully bilingual person, I cannot imagine how narrowly monolinguals perceive the world."
Brian Purcell: "I am a self described 'Gringo with the Lingo,' who learned Spanish in high school and college and even lived in Chile for a few years. Today I work in the Seattle tech industry dealing exclusively with the Latin American market switching between Spanish, English and Portuguese all day long. I love it!
Barb Blond: "I hate it. In San Antonio the Hispanics are proud that they are here for generations and speak English. Do not speak Spanish to them as it is an insult. In Chicago it is the opposite. Hispanics want Spanish and they speak it [in] public. It could hold them back intellectually. English is the language of USA. If you come here, learn it just like proud immigrants of the past."
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