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Monday, September 26, 2011

Translation app makes menus multi-lingual

It also offers ingredient lists, pictures and instructions about food allergies

Foodie culture has sent America's culinary adventurers into the deepest regions of their local ethnic neighborhoods in search of new delicacies. Unfortunately for more open-minded eaters, they often find themselves confronted with unintelligible menus written in an intimidating foreign language.
A new app from Purdue University helps intrepid restaurant goers overcome that language barrier by not only translating the menu, but providing instructions about food allergies in a number of different dialects.
The user types the name of a desired dish into a prompt field in the graphical user interface. The text is translated, and the best possible translations are then listed, along with other information, including pictures and ingredients. The user can then browse the multimedia database to obtain more information about the dish or the ingredients. When appropriate, information and questions for the waiter are suggested.
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