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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Candidate for UK English must have considerable knowledge about UK Film and pop culture. 

Candidate for Castilian Spanish must have considerable knowledge about Film and pop culture from Spain. 


Also email your resume to careers [at]

Overall role:
Create and manage a merchandising, promotion and editorial strategy for premium content on YouTube Movies.  The promotions should include editorial selections, which take full advantage of current trends, pop culture, media events, releases and emerging trends on YouTube.

Responsibilities involve working with our client and the YT team on:
      Managing all promotional activity of premium content on YouTube, taking advantage of themes and events and taking into account contractual obligations
      Creating and maintaining consistent programming for YT movies. Examples: Spotlights, New Releases, timely promotions (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc), and evergreen movie collections
      Maintaining a release schedule, which tracks upcoming titles and calendars our promotional efforts (including launch plans).
      Working with Engineering and Partner Services to ensure all titles in programming plans are ordered and ingested.
      Creating various types of promotional artwork (or supervise its creation with contractor) based on partner’s artwork
      Working with YT Marketing and PR to include top titles and editorial curations on consumer-facing marketing executions.
      Working with Product manager on YT Programming tool enhancements (and later on YT Movies-version 2 new features)
      Working with Marketing/PR to execute new promotional opportunities (e.g. celebrity playlists)
      Give YouTube movies a 'voice' and Pod using editorial tools on the site, the YouTube Blog, Twitter, Face book, etc.
      Managing YouTube Movie Extras curation
      Working with Partner Marketing Manager and BD on managing the process for requesting promotions from specific partners
      Participating in regular meetings with studio partners, in order to identify promotional opportunities
      Working with BD and Partner Marketing Manager on negotiating partner deal points that involve spotlight and promotional commitments.
      Creating Editorial Guidelines and a policy to determine what films YT will promote and duration
      Maintaining excellent partner metadata, curation and hygiene
      Measuring performance of programming and reporting out

The areas where the role would require our client's collaboration are:
      Customized artwork, Movie Extras curation, and input on editorial curation (e.g. Collections, Spotlights)


      Program Film & Animation Category Spotlights on You Tube (1x week)
      Program Shows spotlights (currently programming updates as needed)
      Shows: Participate in BD meetings regarding deal commitments for Showtime.  Once other premium partners are acquired (e.g. HBO), the Shows page will evolve into a page that will require regular planning and curation

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