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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Missionaries Tap Satellite Technology

Satellite Terminal Smaller Than Laptop Computer

Christian missionaries have been traveling to remote regions around the world for centuries to spread, as they would describe it, the good news of Jesus Christ.
But now a tiny plastic and metal device packed with cutting-edge technology attached to a computer could accelerate the pace of spreading that news -- like an answer to prayer.
The answer has come in the form of a satellite terminal that is smaller than a laptop computer. The device, a BGAN satellite terminal, brings the Internet to some of most remote parts of the world.
Corporations, governments and television networks have used BGAN devices for years to communicate by e-mail and phones or to broadcast live video signals from remote locations.
Wycliffe Bible Translators has only just begun distributing these devices to translators and linguists working to translate the Bible into every spoken language.
Wycliffe's goal is the same today as that of their founder, Cameron Townsend, 80 years ago: translate the Bible into the language of indigenous people everywhere.

With approximately 6,900 languages in the world, the satellite terminal is expected to cut in half the amount of time left to translate the remaining 2,000-plus languages Wycliffe is working on or hopes to be working on soon.

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