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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Medical translation as a service

Article by Charles Edert
Medical translation is a type of medical technology, which offers an opportunity in a quantum expanding publishing field. This medical technology requires a lot of skilled and efficient manpower in order to carry out the work as fast and with good quality. A lot of knowledge is required in medical technology, and it is costly. This type of translation gives information about the process of translation of files related to the medical field from one language to another. This process that is carried out is not an easy process; therefore, a lot of professions are needed to carry out the work. Good skills and in depth knowledge of certain medical terminologies is also very important in carrying out this service.
The professions which carry out this process of translation are referred to as medical translators who besides having vast and wide knowledge of the subject area are also very comfortable and confident in putting to use various audio and publishing software designed for carrying out medical translation. The medical/paramedical files need to be translated to common or the specific target language.
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