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Friday, June 17, 2011

K-8 demand for language heats up

Jessica Kwong, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Claudia Portillo helps Sally McCarthy at St. Philip School in Noe Valley, where classes get weekly Spanish instruction.
Clutching an oversize children's book, the teacher made her way through a couple dozen squealing second-graders as they sat on the floor for one of their favorite weekly activities, story time.

"Tres, dos, uno ... silencio por favor," she said, bringing a finger to her lips.
The students hushed on cue.
"You may not know the words, but it's OK," Claudia Portillo continued, opening the Spanish-language version of Eric Carle's "The Very Busy Spider." "When you see the pictures, you will figure a lot of them out."

She used hand gestures to illustrate "tejer," meaning spin, and "hilo," meaning thread. The students repeated.

This, and every K-8 class at St. Philip School in Noe Valley, is getting instruction in a foreign language, a subject that more and more parents of young pupils are demanding, whether it's part of a before, during or after-school program.

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