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Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Immediate Release

DREAM Act Passes the House of Representatives, Final Vote Delayed in Senate 
House Takes Historic Vote, Time for Senate to Stand Up

December 9, 2010  

Washington D.C. - Last night, the House of Representatives made history, voting 216 to 198 to pass the DREAM Act, a bill to give certain undocumented immigrant youth, brought to the United States as children, the chance to earn legal status after completing two years of college or military service. This morning, the Senate voted to table its own version of the DREAM Act, which paves the way for a vote on the House version next week. The following is a statement from Ben Johnson, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council:

"Last night, members of Congress offered hope to a generation of undocumented youth who have asked for nothing more than the chance to contribute to the country they love. The House rejected short-sighted arguments against the DREAM Act and embraced a generation of aspiring, young Americans. The DREAM Act is a first step towards correcting a broken, out-of-date immigration system that is no longer serving America.

Members of the House of Representatives have recognized that turning their back on an entire generation of young people is not only bad policy, but bad politics. When the DREAM Act does come before the Senate, they should consider it with the same level of compassion, courage and recognition as the House. The moral and intellectual support for the DREAM Act is overwhelming.  A financial investment in the education of young people who grew up in our communities will pay immediate dividends that we will continue to reap for decades. Senators have the opportunity to join House Members in standing on the right side of history."

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