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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Traveling Salesman Debuts on XIHA for multilingual community

Sunday, 05 September 2010
 Xiha (, the world's first truly multilingual and multicultural social network community, is pleased to announce an exciting new project the "Traveling Salesman" ( Created and documented by Kristoffer Lawson, the project will utilize Xiha to create a multilingual global experience as one man, one car and one blog travel throughout the Nordic region in search of the next Silicon Valley.
The "Traveling Salesman" documents the journey across thirty cities and spans five countries in the Nordic region -- Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. Lawson will capture the burgeoning Nordic tech scene as he travels to inspire entrepreneurship and to discover new technologies. His aim is to bring individuals, start-ups, and communities together through the project and localized events that will be set up in each city the Salesman visits; a play off of the famous Arctic Evenings organized by Arctic Startup. By using Xiha the project is able to reach all communities in every city he travels in their own language. 
"Xiha was chosen for their immense passion in culture and travel, and for their abilities to work with and translate to many languages," said Kristoffer Lawson, the Traveling Salesman. "There is no single Silicon Valley in the Nordic region, so my mission is to discover what is out there the hard way. While the cultures share many great commonalities, there are also large differences too. Using Xiha we can truly talk across the borders." 
"The Xiha platform is not only convenient for multilingual, users it is also integral for reaching larger audiences," said Jani Penttinen, CEO of Xiha. "The introduction of Traveling Salesman with Xiha is perfect because the blog combines our two favorite things: traveling and networking." 

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