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Friday, September 3, 2010


What machines can't translate... yet?
What machines can't translate... yet?Laurie Gerber started out as Japanese dictionary "coder" at Systran in late 1986. Fast forward twenty-five years and she is a senior industry figure, advising government and industry on major machine translation research and deployments. TAUS consultant Colin Brace caught up with Laurie to get her take on the progress made with machine translation (MT) technology in the last 25 years and the challenges that remain. We also asked Laurie to provide a detailed critique of issues with newer data-driven approaches to MT, such as those used by Asia Online, Google, IBM, Microsoft and SDL Language Weaver, amongst others. Read the interview.

This article raises a number of issues around using language data to improve the quality of MT output. If you would like to learn more about how this can be achieved, please take a look at use cases from TAUS Data Association members. And also take a look at the program for the upcoming TAUS User Conference 2010 in Portland (OR) from the 3 - 6 October, where leading providers and users will showcase the latest advances.

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