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Sunday, August 1, 2010

IPAD BIBLE Application in 22 languages

The folks at LifeChurch.TV and YouVersion have developed a version of the Christian Bible fit for the iPad called “Bible HD
The iPad Bible app allows you to read the Christian bible in 22 different languages and features popular English translations such as the King James, New International Version, New Living Translation and the Message. Some of the translations are only available while connected to the internet due to various licensing issues. You can download certain translations that have no copyright issues for offline use as well.
The app also features a number of Bible reading plans which will allow you to read small sections of the Bible on a daily basis and allow you to read the entire bible in one year. There are also reading plans to read the new and old testament and plans which allow you to read the bible in chronological order.
You can also look up verses of scripture by searching for a specific keyword or by entering a verse. The text renders very well and the application is very usable. It doesn’t have the fancy page turn effect that the iBooks application has, but reading through pages works pretty well.
The iPad Bible HD app is available for free on the App Store.

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