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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Telecommunications translations

The telecommunications industry is one of the biggest industries supported by translations. We work with many telecommunications companies, including equipment manufacturers, software providers, facility-based services providers, resellers, dealing with PBXs, CRM, cellular, fixed wireless, Wi-fi, Wi-Max, point-to-point systems, optical networking, etc.

Our Chinese, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Korean, Chinese and countless other translators include engineers, software professionals, telecommunications specific marketing professionals, and technical writers.

The following are some telecommunications documents we translate:
Fixed Line Telephone Manuals
Wireless Phone Manuals
Management System User Manuals
On-Line Help Content
Command Line Interface Documentation
Installation Manuals
Telecommunications Maintenance Manuals
Service and troubleshooting manuals
Requests for Quotes and Proposals (RFQ/RFP)
White Papers
Technical and Non-Technical Training Material
Call Center Procedures and Scripts.
Localization of Product Information
Technical Translations for Manuals and Sales Support
Quality Assurance Documentaion
E-learning Modules for Sales and Technical Training
Spanish Marketing Material
Spanish Call Center Service and Support Centers

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