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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Translation Glossaries-Dictionaries

General Terminology

Foreign Language Translation

Medical Terminology
2,100 online Medical and Biomedical Glossaries & Dictionaries in 23 languages.url
Anatomy Glossary.url
Health A-Z of conditions and treatments.url
Medical Dictionary Information & Links - YourDictionary.url
Medical Terms - Medical Terminology.url
Medical Dictionary Online The Most Comprehensive Listings on the Internet.URL
English/Chinese Medical Dictionary
Medical Abbreviations glossary
Medical Organization & Group Acronyms
Medical dictionary
Online medical dictionary
Medical Dictionary, Medical Terminology

Legal Terminology

Spanish Terminology
Sports Spanish.URL

French Terminology german/french
Dictionnaires d'autrefois French/English (Canada)
English-French Sailing Dictionary
French - English / English - French Dictionary of Internet Terms
Dictionnaire du Cinéma Online

Film Terminology
Online Film Dictionary
Film Editing Glossary
Cinematic Glosssary of Terms
A Glossary of Film Terms
Electronic Cinematography GLOSSARY
Photographic and Digital Imaging terms Glossary
Film Terms Glossary Illustrated
Film Glossary
Film & Screenwriting Glossary
Glossary of film terms
Glossary of film terms 2
Dictionnaire anglais-francais audiovisuel
Glossary of Audio & Video Media Terminology
Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques

Technical Terminology
Termite - highly technical terms for translation in numerous industries and IPSAS Standards
UNTERM - United Nations Terminology Database
EU Terms - Glossary of the European Union

Scientific Terminology
UCMP Glossary
Chemistry & Environmental Dictionary
Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries

Technology Terminology

Speciality Dictionaries
Urban Translation Dictionaries
Graffiti dictionary.url
Phrase Dictionary.url
Rap Dictionary.url
Urban Dictionary casaca.url

Terminology and Dictionary Databases
Search Microsoft’s terminology and glossaries in 70 languages on the Microsoft Language Portal
Download Microsoft Translation Glossaries in 35 languages, full international product glossaries in CSV format (MSDN or TechNet subscription required):
Download Apple localization glossaries in 17 languages:
Download Apple International Glossaries from 1997 for MacOS in 34 languages:

Other tech companies also make their glossaries publicly available:
Download Mozilla Translation Glossaries in 18 languages in text format:
Download Second Life Glossaries in a few languages:

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